Within the products to be converted, PCT has capabilities including but not limited to:

  • ID Card Laminates: Clear, Optical Variable Inks and OVD/Holographic
  • Passports with OVD/Holographic Laminates and Thin Films
  • Polyester Based Pouches with Printed Security Features
  • Adhesive Lamination and Die Cutting
  • Security Labels
  • OVD/Holographic Labels
  • OVD/Holographic Pouches
  • Security Printed Paper Labels with OVD/Hologram Stripe
  • Security Printed Transparent of Color Polyester Labels with OVD/Hologram Stripe
  • Paper or Polyester Labels with Security Printing
  • Fragile or Tamper Indicating Labels with OVD/Hologram
  • Fragile or Tamper Indicating Labels with Security Printing
  • Special and Unique Materials Converting Services
  • Sequential Management with Complete Tracking Solution

PCT can increase the security of the products by additional security printing using high security inks as used in currency printing:

  • Re-registration of preprinted materials
  • UV Reactive Inks with Multiple Features and Reaction in Different Colors to Different Wavelengths
  • Color Shifting Ink by Screen Printing
  • Taggants
  • IR Reactive Inks
  • Visible Diffuse Printing
  • Other Security Inks
  • Inks Combining a Variety of Features